28 September 2009

Induction and Deduction

So, I am officially a Courtauld Institute of Art student today. I was "Inducted", which pretty much just means I was taught how to log onto the computer system without crashing the internet, so all in all a very productive day.

Somerset House is an amazing place to study art and architectural history. It is just fantastic to be ina building that is worthy of study while actually studying. :) I think the semester is going to run pretty smoothly - although starting the semester with a huge used book sale (where I want to buy at least half the books) was fantastic if not necessarily good for my packing later. I will just have to figure out how to get my new treasures home, but i will leave worrying about that until December. I also found my favorite art store in London again.... its right near to the National Gallery of Art, which is not to far from school, so its perfect all around. I now have my sketchbook for the semester as well as a brand new set of Conte Crayons so bring on the Architecture. l0l!

More soon .... Cheers!

24 September 2009


So, this is the first official post from the UK. London has been fantastic so far. I haven't actually accomplished a lot yet, as classes really don't start until next Monday, but it has already been an experience worth having. Amanda my cousin (who is so generously putting me up for the next few months) met me at Paddington Station, and we made it to her house after an extremely long ride on the tube and then the DLR (Docklands Light Rail). I am now all settled and finally recouped from the two days it took to get here (which included two cancelled flights, a hastily rescheduled departure from Dallas-Fort Worth, a marathon through DFW airport and a trip across London with three months worth of clothes and stuff). I am also completely legal as a student visitor - more on that subject in a later post. I promise to have touristy type pictures in the next blog after I figure out the Internet situation at the school.

Again, if you want a hand-selected post card, please email me your address and I promise you will get one by December at the latest (lol).

If you need to get in touch, just leave a comment, or email me at cw3sn@virginia.edu or calliwilliams@gmail.com