28 May 2010

Thunder and Other Things

Its raining here.  A lovely, heavy drenching rain that is creating rivulets down every slanted surface.  Living in an attic apartment with windows that cut through the roof line and open out through the gable ends has its advantages.... it is so nice to hear the rain and the low roll of thunder across the hills and valley.  I have missed these storms.  At this point in Arkansas, I would have been bored with the constant waves of thunderstorms that would spring up every hot afternoon and roll across the Ozarks toward the Ridge.  Here, however, it is a treat to hear the rain beat down in an invigorating staccato rhythm.  Last night, I even stayed up well into the morning hours to watch the heat lightning that danced across the nearby mountain tops.  It was nice to fall asleep to the distant rumble of thunder, again.

There are many things I love about being in Virginia.  I am also thrilled at the prospect of spending the summer in a somewhat deserted college town - just like the summer in Fayetteville a few years ago.  No crowds, fun outdoorsy things to do, concerts, theatre, art, markets.  I look forward to them all, but there are a some things, like afternoon thunderstorms, that draw me back.  I even felt this way in London, when one night it poured down rain in heavy bursts - only lacking the static charge of lightning to make it feel just like home.  I love it when it rains.

The thesis is done, turned in and tucked away - I think I will let that project lay for a few weeks, so that I can tackle it with fresh feelings.  I would love to get parts or all of it published, but it will still need work, and time, and energy before its ready.
Graduation was a success - all laughter and smiles and sun.  I loved having my mom in town, if only for a few short days and I think she really enjoyed it too. [especially the wine tasting :) chuckle, chuckle]  The day was long, and tiring, but so full of good friends to share it with that it will be a wonderful memory - and the excitement of actually getting my degree was more than I had anticipated.

I also started my summer Internship in Scottsville, Virginia this week.  I think it is going to be a fun project and the people I am working with seem really excited about my plans.  I can't wait to have something to show them, and a fully finished project that I can claim as all mine.  This is real personal progress, where I feel like I am actually contributing to someone or something.

10 May 2010

The Defense

I'm DONE!  with the Defense of my Thesis - and I passed......  Lets just take a moment to say YEAH!!!!! for me!

ok.... so I have a few revisions to do, and more works study to finish.  Then I have to figure out what I am going to be doing with my life..... that is probably important, but I will worry about that tomorrow.  Now - I will be celebrating my successful defense.

I feel like I have produced a lot of good work while at the UVA.  I think, as I am sure everyone does, that I could have done better, but what the hey..... I will take what I can get.

More Later