22 April 2012

Who turned on the winter machine?

Craft Day with V!!!

It was great to have a full weekend with lots of friends and, of course, crafting.  [always one of my favorite activities]  V and I made some great map inspired crafts to help us show our love for our hometowns and our home-states.  Truthfully, much fun was had by all.

Crafts in progress, and V waiting for glue/paint to dry
All the places I have lived - craft still in progress.

[If your wondering, starting from the top left and going down:  P-gould; Vol Walker; Nolli's Rome; Little Rock; Jamaica; Jefferson's Hometown; London; Scottsville on the James; and last but not least, the MV Explorer]

T was also in town, and we always have fun hanging out and generally giving each other a hard time.  Really, the main reason we are great friends is that our skill-sets are so compatible and she likes to steal my stuff.  ;)

I couldn't ask for a better weekend, or better friends for that matter.  I am totally re-energized for the coming week, and can't wait to get going on all the exciting things yet to come.  Bring It On!

16 April 2012

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.

Another weekend, another couple of projects underway:

The Little Rock/Quapaw Quarter project is in full swing - though it is going to be interesting to see how it fills out from here-  mapping is about done, so I feel like I have accomplished something in the last few days.

The Paragould project is slow to get off the ground, but I hope to have some definite project this week.  Enough about work - now for play:

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons - I have been working to do some new button projects, and have come up with a couple of designs I really love!  I can't wait to make more - Mom and I are going to be selling our wares at a local Art/Craft night in downtown Paragould in early May.  I did one craft show last year, but it was kinda a flop - lots of people, but not many sales - but this one should be better.  (here is hoping, anyway).

A couple of Button Inspired Hair Clips/Facinators
Definitely making more of these.

Button Wrap Necklace - making more of these with washers next time.

A small Button Tree growing out of a Salt shaker.

Washer and Button Pendant

Just for fun!

09 April 2012

Cool, Clear and Beautiful.

Wow, it has been a while - sorry, but it has been crazy around here.

Virginia and I had a blast listening to PostSecret.org founder Frank Warren!


... and suddenly its Spring!!

New projects, including a new craft show in May and an actual consulting gig with the Quapaw Quarter Association in Little Rock, Ar.  A nice little job which I am actually quite excited about!  I also found more info for the Paragould Architectural Guide I am planning - I can't wait to get it really started (which is always the hardest part)

... and I love my car for basically this reason.

In the craft sphere - I have actually been selling a bit of my button jewelry - and can't wait to get some more done for the craft fair the first week of May - just in time for me to turn around and go to Memphis the next day for Memphis in May.  It will be great to see the Civil Wars again, and some new bands.  All I have to say is that I can't wait!

... one of the necklaces I made and sold last week.
... and now some new sketches.