29 January 2012

Sunny with a Chill in the Air

More work this week - enough about that - on to more fun things:

The Etsey shop is set to launch next week - I need more pictures, but I can't wait to get it started!

I also have rediscovered my intense love of the Theatre - I recently downloaded an application put out by Digital Theater.  They offer recordings of live plays from the UK, including some great and current names like David Tennant and Katherine Tate starring in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.  It was a riot of laughter and tears and was definitely worth the time to watch.  I so loved the theatre in London.  I watched every show I could get a ticket to see.  I really need to get back there soon (and not just for the theatre, but oh, what a perk of living in London!)

Ah, home is nice, but travel is always better, until you near home again.  Then home seems to exert an overpowering force on my trajectory.

Mom and I are making these great little Up-cycled Flower-Button pins for the ladies at church - they must be done the middle of next week, so I hope we can finish them up quick.  Fun to make, but time consuming.

More from the Sketchbook:

22 January 2012

Cold and Foggy

It has been a dark and damp day here, nothing much to speak of.

This week, I have found myself constantly refering to the following quote:

-  Mahatma Ghandi

Just like most things, I believe your mind will never truly grasp something until you are ready; either through experience, or needed background knowledge, or just simply repetition.  This still rings true for me.  I have heard this quote numerous times throughout my life.  I even studied Ghandi closely when I knew I would be visiting India earlier last year.  Although I am sure I always grasped the meaning of this phrase, it has only become a true inspiration and motivation in my daily life during this new year.

I have always struggled with the importance of others opinions in my life.  When I was very young, I often let the words of others dictate my own opinions and expressions of my personality.  Once I entered High School, I realized that I was allowing others to shape the person I wanted to be.  Although I still wanted to look up to those that I respected, I wanted to find myself, not just the mirror of the world that I had made myself.  My senior year of High School, I made a commitment to remember my past, but to forge a new freedom for my own self expression. 

Over the last 8 odd years, I have continued to struggle and persevere in finding the true person within.  Not just the one that people see, but the inner person.  The inner voice that shapes the external image.  That small cage where the beliefs, likes, dislikes, values, hopes, dreams and fears are created and nurtured and often released to wreck havoc or sometimes stir the soul.  I want to be strong in my convictions, but knew that I never could, without first knowing what I am and what I want to be.  Although this is a process I will never finish, and which will always require help from above and beside - I look forward as always to the continuing voyage.

On a daily basis, this means that I try to not only talk about the changes I want to see in the world - I also try daily to be that change.  If I really want and expect others to take pollution and the sacred beauty of the natural world, then I need to take actions that mirror those ideals. (even simple things like taking my re-usable grocery bags to the store and recycling whenever possible)  Also, if art and education are truly important to me and I believe they should be important to others - then I need to be sure that I am educated enough to talk about these issues intelligently, and be able to share this passion with others in ways that will inspire and en-noble, not degrade or ridicule.  If knowledge is power, then it comes with great responsibility.

On a lighter notes, a few things from the sketchbook:

15 January 2012

Lovely Weather, Isn't

Well, week two of the new year is done.

Work, work, work and a bit of fun on the side.

I have a couple of painting planned and I started the process to create an Etsy shop for my mom and I.  I hope to get it up and running by this time next week.

On a more creative front:  Enjoy!

Sometimes I illustrate my own books when I am bored.

09 January 2012


It has been a while, and in the spirit of the new year - I have decided to reboot this blog.  One of my new year's resolutions is to post at least once a week here at ArchitecturallyAbroad.  Here is a list of a few of my other resolutions.  [maybe if I write them down here - I will be more likely to accomplish all of them in 2012]:

Keep up the blogging.
Create the ArchitecturallyAbroad broadsheet/online archi-zine - more about this in the next post!
Lose a few pounds/exercise on a regular schedule.
go through the acccumulated papers from my last few years of school (organization is hopefully going to be a keyword for me this year.)
create an etsey shop for mom and I.
Finish the First Baptist research and self-publish the results.
Create measured drawings of the following buildings in Paragould:  Museum, Dad's office, Oak Grove Middle School rock building, ect. [also a full panel of the church's stained glass windows in the sanctuary.]

A note about the past year:
lets not forget that this last year was amazing - Semester At Sea was definitely the highlight!!
Oh and I started a new job right before Christmas - @ Lantern Bookstore, the local Christian book and gift shop.  It has been interesting learn more about retail (i have actually never worked a real retail job before.  I have done phone sales, academic administration, architectural history consulting and other book related jobs, but never actual retail - which seems strange for some reason.  I also feel a bit like I am paying a boredom toll for the overload of exciting travel at the beginning of the year.)
But, I have always believed that the best is yet to come - so Bring It On 2012!!!