24 November 2009

More Studying

The pictures I promised from my trip to Cambridge:

The exterior of King's College, looking toward the Senate House

The Quad of one of the colleges. You can only walk on the grass if you are a fellow of the college.

The Time Eater clock, designed by Steven Hawkings

The Round Church, also known as the Norman Church, one of the oldest structures in Cambridge, and now run by a local charity.

King's College chapel built by the Tudor Kings and Queens of England. A fabulous example of English Perpendicular Gothic

One of the many Wren College Chapels, built during the 17th century as the Cambridge colleges continued to expand.

Also, I have been swamped with class work for the last few weeks, and the deluge seems destine to continue for the next few weeks. I plan on heading to Germany some time during the next few weeks, and then home by Christmas.

Oh - and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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