20 February 2010


Recently, I have been feeling a bit stuck:

Between my thesis's continual slow crawl and the frequent reminders of things abroad.
Between my need to keep working and accomplishing and the lack of general enlightening conversation with actual, living people.
Between academia and the real word.
Between the past and the future.

All in all, sometimes it just gets a bit confusing late at night when the words start to blur together.
I know this all has to be leading somewhere.  Hopefully I'm climbing a staircase and I am sure the view will be worth it when I reach the top.

[10 bonus points to anyone who can name both images]

By the way, if you ever find yourself in Florence, have some time and are feeling a little hungry:  Find the Piazza di Santa Croce, face the Basilica di Santa Croce, look for Dante [of Inferno fame] - he will be standing to the Left.  Walk down the via behind him, there will be a little place on the left [seriously, these were the directions that a very friendly local gave us at our hotel when we asked for a good place to eat - he was right]  It is pretty fantastic - and you just have to try the wild boar, it will change your life.  Don't forget the house wine, it makes everything brilliant.

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  1. The Laurentian Library Steps and view of Florence from the Dome to the Duomo!

    Can we go back, I can be ready in no time!