06 April 2010


I have come to the conclusion that bumble-bees are evil.  Not only are they evil, but they are stalking me.  Why else is there a bumble-bee that waits at the door to the A-School and hovers menacingly whenever I walk out?  A bumble-bee, yes a fat little bumble-bee has actually made me change my exit route from the A-School.  This is crazy, I know, but I refuse to let the bee intimidate me - I just don't want to be stung (after previous bad experiences).

Work on the Thesis, and other projects is also continuing.  The weather here, however, is making it hard to focus on studying.  The beautiful weather, (75-85 degrees, sunny, with slight breezes), is spectacular - but why couldn't it wait until Summer, or at least the end of April, when I will need some good weather to revive me from my paper writing stupor.  This paper deluge always happens no matter what planning may go into the rest of the semester, there always is a train wreck of work in April, always.  In an effort to make my life easier, I have just decided to accept this fact.  I will be sleep deprived, crazy, and over worked for the next 5 weeks.  This is just how it is going to be, and I accept that fact.

I feel better already.

I have also been thinking a lot about my cousin Stephen.  He works for Heifer International, based in Little Rock, ARkansas and was recently despatched to Haiti to help with some of the work that is going on there.  His pictures of the devestation in Haiti were shocking.  However, the love and laughter of the people, evident through candid photos at various heifer projects, was simply inspiring.

First Off:  My Cousin, Stephen at a Haiti Heifer office, doing what he does best:  IT

A Street Scene in Haiti (without much noticeable damage, reminds me a lot of Falmouth and Kingston in Jamaica)


One of the Many Tent Cities

Various People Stephen Meet During His Work and Tours with Heifer

Again, A house that reminds me a lot of Jamaica

And of Course:  A Heifer, from a Heifer Project Site

Here are a few pics on a totally different subject, from Neatorama - and all about architecture:

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