17 February 2011

Last day in Ghana

My last day in Ghana it was slightly rainy. Although it was muggy, it made the day more enjoyable, since the Market I visited was much less crowed. The experience was pretty overwhelming so I just jotted down some words and phrases that came to mind during the day. By the way, Ghana is known for Ashanti Kente fabric, woven by the men of the Ashanti villages and apparently coveted all over western Africa. There is definitely some Kente fabric coming home with me.

Brown, dusty roads, verdant trees, green vegetation, palm tress, coconuts, streams, shoreline, beaches, crashing waves, the Atlantic Ocean, fish nets, long and stout, men pulling the nets ashore at mid-day, Port, Construction Zone, workers, shipping containers, metal, steel, colors, greasy, dirty, long hours, market stalls, Cedi, sellers, buyers, traders hawking wares, vibrant colors, post Cards, bags, fabric, cloth, instruments, drums.

John the Port Agent, ride into town, Market stalls, rabbit warren, small alleyways, twisting and turning, lost, found, backtrack, kitchen stalls, fabric stalls, shoe stalls, salon stalls, fish stalls, food stalls, bean stalls, corn stalls, everything stalls, music, people talking, rhythms, cadences, rain on aluminum, open drainage, food, fish, friendly faces, questions and answers, beautiful, yellow, red and green, shopping, noise, cars, trucks, largest roundabout, finding town, finding home.

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