04 March 2012

cool and breezy

Its been a long week - but a good one on the whole. 

Here are a few thing from around the Inter-webs that are of interest:

"Why Don't We Read About Architecture?"  by Allison Arieff - NYTimes --- HERE
Sotheby's Caught in Dispute Over Possibly Looted Camobidian Staute/Cultural Treasure ---- HERE 
Historic Mary Plantation House in Plaquemines Parish will be sold at auction, article by Paul Purpura of the Times-Picayune, NOLA -- HERE
Chinese Architect Wang Shu Wins the Pritzker Prize, article on NPR --- HERE

I hope to spend some time actually making stuff this week - and I found a four-leaf clover today, so here is hoping I will get a few things done for myself.

A few things from the sketchbook to end the day:

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