22 April 2012

Who turned on the winter machine?

Craft Day with V!!!

It was great to have a full weekend with lots of friends and, of course, crafting.  [always one of my favorite activities]  V and I made some great map inspired crafts to help us show our love for our hometowns and our home-states.  Truthfully, much fun was had by all.

Crafts in progress, and V waiting for glue/paint to dry
All the places I have lived - craft still in progress.

[If your wondering, starting from the top left and going down:  P-gould; Vol Walker; Nolli's Rome; Little Rock; Jamaica; Jefferson's Hometown; London; Scottsville on the James; and last but not least, the MV Explorer]

T was also in town, and we always have fun hanging out and generally giving each other a hard time.  Really, the main reason we are great friends is that our skill-sets are so compatible and she likes to steal my stuff.  ;)

I couldn't ask for a better weekend, or better friends for that matter.  I am totally re-energized for the coming week, and can't wait to get going on all the exciting things yet to come.  Bring It On!


  1. I really love how you don't say that you lived in Fayetteville, but that you lived in Vol Walker :)

    1. :) So true, but also the available maps online were really horrid and not the way i wanted to remember Fayetteville.