29 March 2011

Pics from Mauritius and India

Me, Raja, Alla and Steven at the Botanical Gardens on Mauritius.  It was a great day with great new friends.
After traveling to India from Mauritius, I headed out on a trip to New Delhi and Agra. Here is the Red Fort of Agra, with the Taj in the background (on the horizon on the left).

A Brahma Bull, heading to the local Hindu temple, being lead by one of the Brahma priests.

Fatehpur Sikri, a palace and city complex created and abandoned (due to a lack of water) all within a 50 year period.  The city stands as a classic example of late Indian Sculptural prowess.

Fatehpur Sikri, a tall pavilion within the royal city.

The tower above the main entrance of Mylapore Temple in Central Chennai, India.  This layered tower is echoed by smaller towers within the main precinct of the open air temple.  It serves to announce the temple entrance to the nearby community.  All towers include an uneven number of layers and ornaments, including the odd number of golden vessels atop the tower.

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