04 March 2011



It has been a while, and I apologize. 

We are coming up on India on Sunday.  The entire ship has been gearing up with explorer seminars, cultural discussions, a viewing of the film Ghandi and lectures on various Indian topics.  It has been facinating.  We have several faculty, staff and students on the ship who have significant connections to India.  Whether through family or personal time spent in the country or even personal research. 

I can't wait to buy a Sari, see the great Hindu Temples of the Tamil Nadu region and the city of Chennai.  I am even flying to Agra and New Dehli to see the Taj Mahal from Monday through Wednesday.

Our last two ports were amazing.  South Africa was a different experience in and of itself.  It was like arriving at Disney World after living in the desert for a year.  Especially after visiting Ghana.

Our last stop was in Port Louis, Mauritius, the island most famous for the extinct Dodo bird.  It is sad that such a beautiful Island is known throughout the world for something that doesn't even exist anymore.  I will say, however, that I did by a Rain Stick with a Dodo carved on it.  It was a total impulse buy, but I only spent 3 US dollars on it, so not so bad in the long run.  I also was able to mail a post card, even though it was Sunday.  That means I have sent a post-card from every port when have been at after leaving Nassau.  I hope to send many in India.

As a previous of posts to come soon.  I want to take a few posts to look back as South Africa, and the amazing natural beauty I saw and experienced.  Let me just say that I totally walked with Giraffes.  Yes, you read that right, Giraffes.  I know, I can't believe it either.  South Africa was rife with contrast.  Poor, rich, white, black, brown, high, low, dry, wet, cloud, sun, windy, still, calm, crazy all interact on a level that is distinctly personal.  I also want to talk a little about Mauritius, and all the things I am learning about student life.  It is strange, but I am learning more about University life as an administrator that I did as a student.

Life is so strange, and short, and it is running by at a speed that is impossible to keep up with sometimes.  Don't waste a moment.

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