09 January 2012


It has been a while, and in the spirit of the new year - I have decided to reboot this blog.  One of my new year's resolutions is to post at least once a week here at ArchitecturallyAbroad.  Here is a list of a few of my other resolutions.  [maybe if I write them down here - I will be more likely to accomplish all of them in 2012]:

Keep up the blogging.
Create the ArchitecturallyAbroad broadsheet/online archi-zine - more about this in the next post!
Lose a few pounds/exercise on a regular schedule.
go through the acccumulated papers from my last few years of school (organization is hopefully going to be a keyword for me this year.)
create an etsey shop for mom and I.
Finish the First Baptist research and self-publish the results.
Create measured drawings of the following buildings in Paragould:  Museum, Dad's office, Oak Grove Middle School rock building, ect. [also a full panel of the church's stained glass windows in the sanctuary.]

A note about the past year:
lets not forget that this last year was amazing - Semester At Sea was definitely the highlight!!
Oh and I started a new job right before Christmas - @ Lantern Bookstore, the local Christian book and gift shop.  It has been interesting learn more about retail (i have actually never worked a real retail job before.  I have done phone sales, academic administration, architectural history consulting and other book related jobs, but never actual retail - which seems strange for some reason.  I also feel a bit like I am paying a boredom toll for the overload of exciting travel at the beginning of the year.)
But, I have always believed that the best is yet to come - so Bring It On 2012!!!

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