29 January 2012

Sunny with a Chill in the Air

More work this week - enough about that - on to more fun things:

The Etsey shop is set to launch next week - I need more pictures, but I can't wait to get it started!

I also have rediscovered my intense love of the Theatre - I recently downloaded an application put out by Digital Theater.  They offer recordings of live plays from the UK, including some great and current names like David Tennant and Katherine Tate starring in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.  It was a riot of laughter and tears and was definitely worth the time to watch.  I so loved the theatre in London.  I watched every show I could get a ticket to see.  I really need to get back there soon (and not just for the theatre, but oh, what a perk of living in London!)

Ah, home is nice, but travel is always better, until you near home again.  Then home seems to exert an overpowering force on my trajectory.

Mom and I are making these great little Up-cycled Flower-Button pins for the ladies at church - they must be done the middle of next week, so I hope we can finish them up quick.  Fun to make, but time consuming.

More from the Sketchbook:

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