03 June 2012

Colorado Storms

A post from a new place - Denver, Colorado in fact. 

I have always loved to travel, and during the Spring of 2011 I got to literally travel the globe with an amazing set of people from various walks of life and a multitude of professions.  Semester @ Sea, the program that brought us all together was a wonderful experience, that I will treasure forever, due in large part to the faculty and staff that made the voyage possible.  On Friday, I traveled to Colorado to meet up with over 50 of my S@S friends and coworkers.  It was absolutely GREAT!!!!  Thanks to wonderful Sunny - we gathered at the YMCA of the Rookies near Granby, Colorado.  This place had everything and catered perfectly to our needs.  We ate together, hiked together, had the opportunity to practice archery, horseback riding, arts and crafts and a whole lot more.  I can't say enough about how great the whole weekend was.  I am still processing the weekend, while hanging out with J here in Denver.  J was another of my S@S friends who was a great travel buddy and has become a close friend.

Although I have never traveled to Colorado before and the altitude messed with my system more than I thought it would, I will definitely be coming back to spend time with good friends!

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