30 May 2012

Spring Rain

Well, It has been a nice week.  On Sunday, we traveled to Morrilton to visit with Grandma and to eat her famous Chicken and Dumplings.  Then on Monday morning, after a mad dash to Searcy and a wild ride over the back roads of central Arkansas, we met up at Clinton for a double birthday bash for Uncle Paul and my little sis Maggie.  A fun time was had by all!!  Also, on Sunday afternoon - it was Decoration Day at the local cemetery where many of my Dad's ancestors and close family are buried.  It was great to go out and see family and friends straitening up the area around their family's graves as well as placing beautiful bouquets and flags on all the headstones.

On Friday of this week, I head out for Denver and a huge Spring 2011 Semester @ Sea reunion in the Rocky Mountains.  Basically we are meeting up as far from the ocean as we can get.  :)  It has to be said that without the brilliant Sunny - this whole upcoming shindig would have never been organized. 

I am also looking at a few possible job applications.... so everyone keep you fingers crossed that this is what I need to be doing - and that I am on the right path.  

Now, for the important part - pics and sketches!!!  Enjoy!

Family taking time to sit and talk during Decoration Day at the cemetery

Great 1950's Chandelier in Fort Smith

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