23 January 2011

The Amazon River

We have been traveling up the Amazon River for two full days now.  The scenery has been magnificent, but sadly I have missed quite a bit of it.  I plan on positioning myself on one of the open decks, misted periodically with bug spray and sunscreen, and watch the river on the way back out to sea.  Although I have been quite busy, it has been exhilarating being around so many young people, and many other who are young at heart.  Everyone has also been amazingly flexible and patient as we work out all the kinks and get familiar with the systems aboard ship. 
I am doing better with the nautical names, and only got in trouble once yesterday for calling it a boat.  

The students aboard have been fantastic about involvement and attending lectures and interesting presentations after the class day has officially ended.  One very popular seminar yesterday evening was the “Sex-perts”, were many members of our medical staff and extended community came together to have an open and frank discussion of sex.  It was great, even though I only got to see a very few minutes of it.  The lecture in the adjacent classroom was also full and was given on the topic of the Amazon, by a local forestry expert who joined the ship in Maccaupa, Brazil, along with several US Embassy officials.  Manuel Lima, Jr 

Our guests from the US Embassy have been amazingly laid-back and willing to engage the students in various ways.  At dinner they sit and talk with groups of students and during lectures, entertain all types of questions on various topics concerning Brazil and its relationship with the US and the World.  Sadly, they will be leaving us when we dock in Manaus.

Brazil, here we come!!

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