15 January 2011

This Ship Has Sailed

So, the ship has sailed, rather literally.

We set off Wednesday evening from Nassau to a nice rousing cheer from the departing ISE (Institute for Shipboard Education, our home office) staff and parents who had accompanied their kids to port.  It was exciting pulling away from port, knowing we wouldn't be back for more than almost 4 months.

After a heavy bout of sea-sickness on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, I felt much better by dinner and was able to get on with the real work.  Student orientation went well Thursday, and many people complimented me on my speech regarding the seriousness of the UVA Honor Code (which, let me tell you, is pretty darn serious, I mean kick you off the ship for violating serious.), even though I was pretty much sick as a dog through the whole thing.

Friday was the first day of classes, and students seemed to be settling in pretty well.  No major issues, so all in all, a good day.  Today, however, was crazy.  I am the main contact on the ship for registration and this evening was the official drop/add period for courses.  It was crazy for about 5 hours today.  I just worked through student after student, but it was great to meet so many different students.  Especially since they are all so interested in taking a vast assortment of classes.  It has been a really interesting experience learning more about administration and group and individual problem solving strategies just from doing my job and observing other doing theirs.  A true on the job education, and I an truly grateful to ISE for giving me the opportunity to do this wonderful program.

Tomorrow, we dock in Rousseu, Dominica (the capital city).  I am going on a prof. lead walking exploration of the city with a professor from UVA, it should be great!

Well, pics soon, I promise and more about my adventures in a new country (a beautiful, tropical country at that).

Good Night everyone.


  1. I'm proud of all your on the job problem solving skills!

  2. it's called Roseau (ROSE-oh).