10 January 2011

Nassau Day 2

As stated before, I am here in Nassau, and loving.

After a pretty nondescript pair of flights from Memphis, through Charlotte, to Nassau, the group of professors I met up with in Charlotte and I headed by taxi/van to the ship at Prince George Dock.  It was amazing to see the ship towering above the port.  We checked in to our cabins and then headed to various faculty and staff meetings.

I definitely hit the ground running on my work here, and I think the work will be pretty much a stead stream until we get all the students settled in their classes during the second week of the voyage.

A few words to the wise, it’s a ship not a boat, and we are going on a voyage not a cruise.  I live in a cabin not a room and I am on deck 5 not floor or level 5.  The front is “forward” and the back is “aft”, though that still sounds a bit funny to say in conversation.

After a full day of meetings, Layne (One of my Charlottesville counterparts) and I headed with one of the inter-port lecturers to walk over to Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resort (As Seen on TV).  It was amazingly brash and grated on my senses:  too colorful, too big, too noisy and too busy.  I did visit the casino, which you have to walk through to get anywhere apparently, but didn’t partake.  I did however, art nerd that I am, love the three amazing Chihuly glass sculptures at the casino.

Also, the indoor aquarium was great – though kinda creepy in its overly theatrical nature – but still a blast.

And folks, it’s only day 2.  We leave Nassau (baring delay) on the 12th, then on to Dominica.    

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  1. Woohoo Chihuly! So gorgeous!

    And you have a TV in your cabin? What can you watch on it? Do you have a window?