06 February 2012

Cloudy, just Cloudy

I have officially opened the new ArchitecturallyAbroad Etsy shop - just click on the image at the right to visit and look around.  I will be posting new items all week! 

This week, mom and I made over 70 valentines pins:

We gave them to all of the Senior Ladies at my church, during our Senior Ladies Tea.  Everyone loved their pins and a few of the workers even talked me out of some of the extras.  I think everyone had a great time.  I love all of the "little ladies" (as I call them) of our church!  They are truly an asset to our church community.

Mom and I also made cake balls for the Tea with her handy-dandy cake ball maker [which I got for her for Christmas - I am such a good daughter :)]  One interesting story to report - apparently I am allergic to Red Velvet cake batter.  I think it's the red dye.  I am also allergic to the red dye in lots of fruit punches, including Kool-Aid.  Let me tell you, this made being a little kid interesting.  I always thought Kool-aid was the coolest kid drink, mostly because I couldn't have it. 

  I am also set to start with the personal trainer this week - hopefully I can keep up with my goal to be healthier and more fit this year, especially after all the cake balls.  Really, I just need to go walk around Europe again - someone get on that for me please!  

Lastly:  A few more sketches:

A small sketch of our church window design.

The Hamilton's who always sit in front of us in church.

a small architectural capriccio.

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