13 May 2012

Humid Days, Cool Nights

A Busy Week:

Maggie arrived home on Tuesday, all ready to come to work at Lantern on Wednesday - training your little sis is so much more fun than it really should be.  Mostly, I think, because it gives me a really great excuse to order her around.  :)

A Beautiful Spring Day!!

A quick trip to Little Rock today for the annual Spring Tour of Homes, sponsored and organized by the Quapaw Quarter Association.  I had a bit part in the research and write-ups for the six properties on this years tour.  They were all amazing little homes and gardens, and the insides were all just immaculate - a fun tour of what I hope my home will some day look/feel like.  All in all, the open houses seemed to be very well received - and there were tons of people there the entire 2 hours plus that I was walking around, enjoying the beautiful houses and the gorgeous weather.

 People waiting in line to have a look at the interior of the Powell-Clements House

 The Tour booklet - with my write-ups inside :)

A beautiful, old, local brick set into a patio of similarly beautiful, old, local bricks

Maggie is all trained and off to a running start at Lantern - and it was good that she worked on Saturday, since I couldn't be there.  It was apparently one of the store's busiest days of the year, thanks in large part to Mother's Day.  I bet it will be fun to re-organize and straighten out the store displays tomorrow.  At least I will keep busy.

Next week, I head out to the Historic Preservation Conference in Fort Smith.  It has been a long time since I purposefully went to Fort Smith.  It will be interesting to see the historic districts - and I even get a train ride out of it - so it will be great!  (I love train rides)  (side note:  Last time i was in Fort Smith, i had to deal with stupid government bureaucracy while trying to get info from the US passport office to send to the British consulate so they could ok my Visa, which i really didn't need anyway - but still had to get for some reason for the Courtauld.  I did persevere, but only after 3 different trips to the same office in Fort Smith to get them to sign the same paper and take my fingerprints - which I assume were exactly the same.  I hate red tape.)  On a nicer note - look at these simple, yet cool sketches from this afternoon:

Above:  a capital from the Powell-Clements House

Aa couple of quick sketches from the Tour 

Below:  a detail from the entry to the Boyle House

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