20 May 2012

Sudden Storms

Another Busy Week!

I traveled to Fort Smith, Arkansas on Wednesday for the Annual Arkansas Preservation Alliance conference.  It was grand, and I really learned a lot and met a whole host of new friends.  It was also great to talk to some of my old friends from my internship days in Little Rock several years ago.  (Man, its been a while since undergrad - so crazy!)

On Wednesday we were given a great tour of some of Fort Smith's National Register Historic Districts - which include some really fantastic structures.  I finished off the evening with a great meal and a fun little pub crawl with some new friends.  Thursday was mostly devoted to seminar sessions; in which I learned a lot about tax codes, sprinkler systems, and economic gardening - as well as the historic development and preservation of Fort Smith.  Another nice dinner and a little wine tasting rounded out the evening.  (I really enjoyed getting to know some more preservationists in Arkansas, as well as getting to talk about preservation as a whole with people who are already invested in the field - that doesn't happen around here much.)
Restored Train - Fort Smith to Van Buren

On Friday, we took a fun train ride to Van Buren; across the Arkansas River.  Then we visited the Drennen-Scott House in Van Buren, a nice project that showcases what you can accomplish with some good backing and great dedication.  Also, I was informed that the original painted plaster frieze from the interior of the Arkansas Pavilion at the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago was kept and maintained in the parlor of the Drennen-Scott House since its instillation immediately following the fair by Mrs. Caroline Scott, a prominent member of the Arkansas contingent to the fair.  I Love the 1893 World's Fair!!!
The Painted Frieze - Parlor - Drennen-Scott House

To cap the week off - today, after much excitement and meetings and prayer, First Baptist called and hired a new Pastor to lead the church.  It is great that we finally have a new pastor, after months of searching - and now, maybe our church can start fresh and work toward growth and spiritual development.  I can't wait to see what happens.

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