14 March 2010

Fun Stuff

So, it has been a while.

I have become increasingly obsessed with some interesting stuff on the web, including online comics and the upcoming Virginia Festival of the Book.  The last starts Wednesday and if you are in Charlottesville, you should take a look - a lot of the events look really interesting and most are free.

On the Thesis front, I am continuing to work on the last few chapters.  As well as trying to figure out what exactly my conclusion is.... somehow I need to discover a profound meaning which underlies my gathered research.  Hopeful this will come to me in a flash of brilliance later this week (I can always hope).  I also still need to find a few images, but here are some pics for fun anyway. 

The Bavinger House by Bruce Goff, an early tutor of Jones

The Plaza Gazebo by Jones, North Little Rock, AR

An early sketch for the "Ozark Church" project by Jones

I hope that the Thesis will be in better shape by next week (including the conclusion).  I have sadly been procrastinating a bit over spring break, so now it is back to the graduate grind stone.  Other classes are now clamouring for attention and my 19th century and Renaissance Spain papers need to be well on there way by the end of March.  As usual, school work will continue to eat my social life, but it was fantastic that I was able to spend some time with actual living people over spring break.  This included a wonderful visit from Allison & Tim Reavis, now residents of Wilmington, NC.  It was a blast to play tour guide and I hope Allison and Tim didn't get an overload of Charlottesville facts.  I know way to much about this town now (including Thomas Jefferson).  Also, Kat and I took a little road trip to Barboursville and a few local wineries for fun.  I know have wine that tastes of Chocolate as well as wine that tastes like mulled wine, which is actually pretty confusing but so delicious.  Oh, and we watched the Oscars (I Love Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin).  To cap the week off, I got to see Blind Side again with Johanna and have Fish and Chips at a local pub [it was actually pretty good, but way to expensive - i miss London :( ] 

These are some Pics I stole from Allison's Facebook.  They are a fantastic representation of the close bond that now exists between all three of us and Thomas Jefferson (also known as TJ or the TEJE by those who know him well...lol)

Well, for now the saga of Graduate School continues.  I am getting amazingly close to the end of this chapter in my life... hopefully there will be some large neon signs indicating the next path soon.

Also, if you have read this far, thanks for sticking with me - and here is your treat.  A guy in Arkansas has financed a project to build a medieval castle using historically accurate techniques in the middle of the ozark forest.  Is anyone else completely wierded out by this.  I am so confused, yet intrigued!  http://ozarkmedievalfortress.com

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  1. Checked out the medieval fortress link... once again really disturbed by America's efforts at historicizing itself... The masons will even be working in period costume?

    I don't know if I've shared this link with you yet: it's a TAL show about "Simulated Worlds"