25 March 2010

Some Things That Rock

I saw one of my favorite concert muscians on Tuesday night:  Ben Folds.  This time around it was just Ben Folds and A Piano.  It was truly epic.

I had seen Ben Folds a couple of years ago in Tulsa at a truly horrible venue, but this time around it was much better.  Ben had been great before, but the newly renovated Jefferson Theatre made the experience fantastic!  Also, in response to an internet sensation, namley "piano guy", who has been using chat roulette to serenade random strangers with improv piano compositions, Ben Folds got into the act by doing a bit of chat roulette himself, during the concert!  It was hilarious and the whole crowd got involved.  Here are just a few clips from some youtube videos as well as a post on CNN about the whole Ben Folds - Piano Guy online fued.

Ben Folds Duel on CNN

Ben Folds and the crowd's harmonies (WARNING!! some foul language - also Not My Video)

Ben Folds plays chat roulette (Not My Video)

In other news, today is also Ada Lovelace day, in celebration of the role that women have played in the science fields. [We will just include architecture in there too - because we always need more women architectural role models - she was just an architect of computer programs]  Ada Lovelace is considered by many the first computer programmer, writing a program for Babbage's Analytical Machine in the early 1800's.  All in all, she pretty much rocks [and she was pretty beautiful too!]

I also found out today that the director of the new TRON movie, coming out soon, hopefully, actually trained as an architect.  A few blogs I have been reading have actually picked up on this fact - and used it as a way to look at his method or directing (which tends to use lots of really impressive sets, rather than stricktly green-screen digital effect.)  Impressive Mr. Kosinski!

Tron = Architectural History (blog post)
Joseph Kosinski Website

So lets recap: Ben Folds, Ada Lovelace and Joseph Kosinski  all definitely ROCK!

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  1. My puppy Ada's namesake! Happy Ada Lovelace day! (a couple days late)