01 March 2010


The Thesis Draft has been handed in..... let the critique begin.

It is only 4.5 days until Spring Break.  This is going to be the longest week ever.  2 major mid-terms and now the thesis revision is going to be hanging over my head. 

In other news, I really feel like I have learned a lot while working on my thesis.  I now know way to much about Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and many other movers and shakers of the Organic movement.  I kinda feel like I know way to much about weird things, like all the research I did on 19th and 20th century cemeteries last summer.  [speaking of, I totally think I found a Prairie Style grave marker from about 1930 in the Oakland Fraternal Cemetery in Little Rock.]  I am officially an architecture nerd.  :)

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