02 March 2010

New Features

I have added a  new feature in the panel to the Right.... some current links to stories that have some connection to either Architecture, Architectural History, Design or Medieval History.  I wish there was a way to just show my Facebook links on this site.... i love that feature, and would really like to share them here - so I am going to try and keep posting them here to.

I am recovering from the madness that was the Thesis draft.  Now that I have gotten some sleep, and taken my vitamins - it is time to start studying in earnest for tomorrows 19th century test. 

Also, why is it everytime I write a paper, the very next book I pick up directly relates to everything I have just written, and should have been included (yet sadly wasn't).  I just read a chapter while studying for my test tomorrow that would have really helped me to write my last chapter - at least it was a draft, and I can add it in... but really, sometimes I think the thesis gods are against me.  It is also snowing again, I hate winter and all it stands for!

This is a great book for anyone remotley interested in learning more about the Middle Ages.  Mortimer does a great job of describing what daily life would have been like.  It is written in a style that is easy to read and the overall narrative moves at a fast pace.  I read it while I was in London over 5 or 6 tube rides.  All in all, a nice, entertaining book.

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