13 February 2012

Cold and Threatening Snow

News:  I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday.  I am staring to stress, but can't wait for it all to just be over.  I will be off of work for a couple of days, and probably asleep for most of my time off (which actually sounds amazing.).  Anyone who wants to bring ice-cream by would not be greeted unkindly. :)  

Hopefully I can spend the down town on some projects that have been on the back-burner for a while, including getting some info together on St. Mary's Church here in Paragould.  This church is actually an interesting footnote in the Eames (of architecture and furniture fame) repertoire - hopefully more about this in a later post.  Also, I need to finish up the write-up and image catalog of the First Baptist Church of Paragould's stained glass collection.  This project has turned into a much larger beast than I had originally thought possible.  Did you know that the First Baptist Church of Paragould has over 100 individual stained glass widows?  I didn't until I personally counted and photographed each of them.

Better News:  New things up on in my Etsy shop, you should take a look!!!  Just click on the picture below or on the picture to the right and you will be directed straight to Architecturally Abroad on Etsy.com.

Also, I am working on some prints and postcards to add to the Etsy shop.  This is fun!
And, as usual, some sketches to round the night off:

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