19 February 2012

Cool & Clear

A few great articles to start with, definitely worth a read this week:

I love how Kimmelman starts his article:  "It’s time to address the calamity that is Penn Station." and it also contains one of the best architecture quotes I have heard in a while:  

"To pass through Grand Central Terminal, one of New York’s exalted public spaces, is an ennobling experience, a gift. To commute via the bowels of Penn Station, just a few blocks away, is a humiliation. --  What is the value of architecture? It can be measured, culturally, humanely and historically, in the gulf between these two places."

In other news, it has been an interesting week:

I survived the wisdom teeth extraction with flying colours, or so the oral surgeon said.  When they were putting me under, I may or may not have told the anesthetist that he was cute - I definitely thought it.  The only side effect of note is that I think I hear my own voice differently.  Although this sounds crazy, it makes a bit of sense:  I am now missing 4 teeth and I have a pretty significant new pair of holes at the back of my mouth where my top two wisdom teeth were.  This has to have messed with the acoustics of my mouth.

I have a few new ideas for button stuff - and some requests for button trees to fulfill, I will post some pics after I get done with them.

I also have also been hired as a tutor for a high school student starting this week - so I now need to relearn Geometry (specifically finding the surface area and volume of solids) by Tuesday - that should be fun!

Goals for the week:
Button Trees, Button Facinators/Pins, Post about Manaus/Brazil in prep for a classroom event in a few weeks, new Etsy items/mailout once I reach 25 items and 10 print items.  (that looks good for now.)

Finally, a few sketches to round out the evening:

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