28 February 2012

Unseasonably Warm

Another week, another dollar

Some of my goals for the week were met - but not enough, though we did get the house picked up.  Oh, joyous day.  At least it feels more like a house instead of a landing pad for 15 different projects.

I am excited about the presentation on Brazil for a large group of 1st graders this week.  I loving talking about my travels - and i get to relieve some of my best memories of being on SAS, and traveling up the Amazon River!!!  I am also trying desperatly to work on some local Architectural History products, but finding a chunk of time to work/research is tricky.  But as a teacher once prophetically told me - if it matters to you, you will do it and finish it.  This has been so true for my life.  If something really is important to me, I will see that it gets done.  I just have to decide that whatever I want to do is important enough. 

February is almost over - Happy Leap Year Everyone!!!

Goals for the week:
First Baptist Windows - finish catalog.
New work for Etsy (buttons and prints)
paperwork organization.

 Buono Settimana Tutti!

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